Field Trip to Union Station Awesome Ambitions Foundation…Cynthia Newsome


Union Station Event Awesome Ambitions Non Profit foudnation funds girls to pair with mentors in KC aubrey owen


Awesome Ambitions girls have a new understanding and appreciation about careers in engineering thanks to the STEM event they attended at Union Station in Kansas City, Missouri, on Saturday, September 23rd, hosted by Vanessa Zambo of Terracon: Consulting Engineers and Scientists. Engineers from Burns and McDonnell were also at the event mentoring Awesome Ambitions girls. The seminar started with a challenge for the 50 AwesomeAmbitions girls in attendance.  They were given 2 paper cups, some string, mini puff-ball  and tape and told to create something that could launch the mini puff-ball.  With guidance from the engineers the girls were able to think though the challenge and understand engineering basics that helped them come up with some cleaver devices.


Union Station Field Trip Awesome Ambitions Foundation Mentoring Young women for future career Kansas City aubrey owen

Thanks to Terracon, our girls enjoyed watching the movie, Dream Big, the life-story of a female engineer and her insights on how engineering can change the world and make it a safer place. The final challenge for the girls involved toothpicks, tape and a marshmallow.  They had 10-minutes to create the tallest structure possible that could support the marshmallow at the top of the structure.   It was a fun challenge and inspired our girls to think about structures they see in the real world and the engineering principles that go into making structures like bridges and towers. Along with the career information Awesome Ambitions girls had the opportunity during lunch to get to know the engineering volunteers on a personal level, finding out why they chose their careers, the challenges they face and how they manage their jobs, families and life.  It was an Awesome experience our Awesome Ambitions girls will always remember.

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