Your Awesome Image: Saturday, October 6, 2018

Your Awesome Image featured four different speakers who taught the girls important lessons on putting your best self out in the word.


Catherine Carmichael, former KU volleyball player, real estate agent and Miss Kansas 2017, hosted a session titled, “Hair, Make-up, and Clothing”. She started off her session showing girls three photos of women dressed in different outfits and asked the girls which outfit is most appropriate for different scenarios, such as going to work versus a date. She engaged the girls about different makeup types, the importance of skin care, shopping on a budget and body positivity.

Catherine Michaels Volunteer for Awesome Ambitions

Jennifer Niehouse, a professional image development advisor and entrepreneur, led a session entitled Body Language, Best Behavior and Personal Branding. For over 10 years, Ms. Niehouse has been helping people understand the power of their personal image and telling people, how you dress is powerful to how people perceive you. The session began with Ms. Niehouse going to each girl and teaching them how to give a firm handshake. She stressed the importance of eye contact and speaking loud enough for your name to be heard. She also had each girl talk to their neighbor to find out what makes them unique, and ask about values and interest. In each group, she chose a girl to draw a figure with a cape and told each girl how powerful they are.

Jennifer Niehouse volunteer for awesome ambitions kansas city

Jessica Ayala, a poet, dreamer, and entrepreneur, led a session entitled, Knowing and Understanding Who You Are. Ms. Ayala who had been publishing poems since the third grade immigrated to the US from Colombia at the age of four. She taught the girls how to draw a concept map and engaged the girls in talks about culture, heritage, and tradition. She read a few selections of her own and stressed the importance of the reader understanding the writer through their words.

Jessica Ayala volunteer for awesome ambitions in kansas city

Mallory Mallette from Mid-continent Public Library’s Story Center discussed, Telling Your Story – Digital, Written or Oral. Ms. Mallete started off her workshop with a writing exercise. The girls had to complete the phrase “I am someone who”. They sat and really thought about their answers to get to know themselves better. Ms. Mallete discussed the importance of knowing who you are to be able to convey your story. She let the girls know their story timeline can be one day or maybe one year in their life. She went over how a story should be structured and did an exercise with the girls to come up with a fictional story. She then gave them time to journal.

Mallory Mallette volunteer for Awesome Ambitions kansas city

Each session was created to help these girls create their story, which will be published in an Awesome Ambition book at the end of the year.

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