Thank you for your interest in joining Awesome Ambitions!

Applying To Be An Awesome Girl:

If you are  in 8th through 12th grade and want to apply to the program, please complete an application.
Students will be contacted via phone or email regarding their acceptance into the program. Because we will be taking frequent field trips to businesses and colleges, parents will  need to complete a permission slip and a social media release form. If girls are interested in taking a leadership role in Awesome Ambitions, they can  Click here for the Awesome Ambitions Junior Advisory Board application.

Awesome Ambitions Meetings and Expectations:

Awesome Ambitions meetings are generally the first and third Saturday of each month beginning September 2017.  Dates and times may change because of holidays or special events. The meetings are held at UNKC School of Nursing, 2464 Charlotte, in Kansas City, Missouri.  Girls are to check-in at 8:30am and the Awesome seminars begin promptly at 9am.  It is important to develop a positive habit of arriving on-time; so please plan accordingly. We recommend girls eat breakfast before coming.  We will provide lunch at every meeting.   Awesome meetings end at 2pm unless a different pick-up time is listed because of travel-time for a field trip.  Parents will always drop-off and pick-up their girls at the UMKC School of Nursing.

Parent Informational Meeting and First Awesome Ambitions Session on September 9, 2017

Saturday, September 9 is this year’s kick-off date for Awesome Ambitions. There is the Parent Informational meeting at UMKC School of Nursing. 2464 Charlotte  from 8am to 9am.  The briefings will take place every 15 minutes and will last about 10 minutes.  Students are welcome to come with their parents to the parent informational meetings. Parents will leave by 9am and the session will begin at UMKC School of Nursing at 9am.  Girls can dress casually for the first meeting on September 9. Pick-up time on September 9 is 2pm.  Parents please arrive on-time to pick-up your students as a courtesy to volunteers and because it’s the right thing to do.

What Our Volunteers Do

Volunteers are role models, teachers, helpers, leaders and supporters.  They are cheerleaders working with our Awesome girls in a variety of roles during the bi-monthly Saturday sessions.

To be considered as a volunteer, please complete an application and submit to a background check.  We will explain further as we interview you after we receive your application.

You can submit the online application or download it and mail the completed form to Awesome Ambitions, P.O. Box  22456, Kansas City, Missouri 64113.

Note: While the overwhelming majority of volunteer applicants pass this screening, some do not. The most common reasons for failure are having a currently suspended driver’s license or having a DW/DUI within the last three years. These findings, among others, automatically disqualify an applicant from serving as an Awesome Ambitions volunteer. Awesome Ambitions reserves the right to decline any applicant without explanation.

We welcome all student and volunteer applications!