Awesome Ambitions Junior Advisory Board Leader, Olivia Williams

Awesome Ambitions Junior Advisory Board President, Olivia Williams,  is a Senior at Ambassador Christian Academy in Grandview, Missouri.  She has shown amazing leadership skills in Awesome Ambitions.  In 2016/17, Olivia authored several blogs including the one below about our special seminar workshops on safety.  Olivia will be leading the 2017/2018 Junior Advisory board as Awesome girls begin writing stories about their personal experiences in Awesome Ambitions with the goal of publishing those stories in a book by May 2018.

“A Perspective on Safety, by Olivia Williams”

“Who here likes Beyoncé?” Sergeant Brittany Thompson asked enthusiastically as she stepped forward to address us. Several hands shot into the air in response, and I laughed in surprise. I’d expected the Sergeant to confront us with a serious demeanor and hard-hitting facts. But instead, we had a heart-to-heart girl talk on internet safety and police violence. That was only one of the fantastic presentations we had at our Awesome Ambitions meeting. But it affected me greatly, as did Mr. Alvin Brooks’ presentation on self-love, respecting others, and giving back to God.
The first stirring speaker was Alvin Brooks, a former police commissioner. He spoke beautifully, teaching us that to love others we must first love ourselves. He told us that when we look in the mirror, we should see someone beautiful and loving. I hope Mr. Brooks’ words resonated with others as much as they did with me. He also recited a poem called “God’s Minute” which urged us to use God’s time wisely. Now when I’m wasting time I think, “Is this how God would want me to spend His minute?” Mr. Brooks’ presentation was very impactful.
Sergeant Brittany Thompson of the Kansas City Police Department reached us in a way no one else did. Her funny, friendly, and relatable approach seemed to make us all feel comfortable asking questions. She gave great tips on how to carry ourselves if pulled over by an officer. She also sympathized with us on police brutality, showing that police officers are people just like us. Without a doubt, Sergeant Thompson showed us how an exemplary police officer connects with those in the community.
On the whole, Mr. Brooks’ and Sergeant Thompson’s presentations were just two of the many inspirational messages at our last meeting. I felt empowered by the positivity and care shown by the speakers and volunteers. I’m thankful they gave their time to make sure we have awesome futures. I can’t wait to see what other wonderful life values we’ll glean at our next meeting.